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1 . Who We Are: A Brief History Capacity Building Initiatives of Namibia (CABIN cc) is an English language enhancement programme, which was established in September, 2000. This follows the closure of the Council of Churches in Namibia (CCN), language programme called Teachers Resources and Training Centre (TRTC) whose main task was to train primary school teachers in using English as a language of instruction in schools particularly from grade 3. The above programme was made redundant in August 2000, the Co-ordinator, Mrs Aune Hambeleleni Odunlami, of the TRTC felt it necessary and important to continue rendering services for the English language communication purposes, hence the establishment of CABIN cc in September, 2000 which became fully operational under the same Co-ordinator of the then TRTC until present (2019) with the help of Namibia Association of Norway (NAMAS) who donated all the equipment and materials used under TRTC. From 2003-2008, CABIN cc got financial assistance from the National Council of Churches of Australia (NCCA) which also supported the TRTC under the same leadership of CABIN cc. Currently, we are operating from Oponganda Community Centre, 2716 Clarinet Street in Grysblok. Mode of operation CABIN cc employs a ‘tailor made’ courses for its participants. This is done with the help of the Entry Test’s outcome, which is based on the four language skills (Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening). This strategy came out as a result of accumulated experiences in the English language teaching approaches, and is found to be effective, because its intention is to enable adults and out-of-school youth to enhance their English language skills, become literate (for those who are not) and be able to contribute effectively to the development of their communities, including individuals, be it academic or social enhancement. Methodology/Techniques: We employ a variety of methodologies and techniques to enhance learning. Mission: CABIN cc’s mission is to empower Namibians from all walks of life, by helping them to improve their English language communication skills. Vision: Our vision is to establish ourself in all the regions before 2030, making it easier for the CABIN cc to reach out effectively and to facilitate easier access to our services. Target groups : People from all walks of life: for example, out of school youth, primary/pre-primary school teachers and kindergarten teachers etc. Activities: Teach / train English language enhancement skills Additional Activities: Material Development using recycled materials. We offer After School lessons in all subjects, to school children (Grade1-12). Basic creative writing (for English language enhancement purposes) Entry Requirements: Languages Illiteracy: None, (only select one from: English, Afrikaans, Oshiwambo and Otjiherero) Literacy: Basic knowledge of one of the languages selected in the four language skills Elementary: Basic Elementary level in the four skills Intermediate: Reasonable level of language competencies in all the four skills. Fees : NB: Please call contact details given. Other languages and skills offered (upon request): Basic Afrikaans Basic Oshiwambo (Oshikwanyama) Basic Entrepreneurship Integrated Early Childhood Development Learning Levels: In languages mentioned above Illeteracy, Literacy, Elementary and Intermediate Contact Details: Cell: 264 81 319 1797, +264 81 639 4417, or +264 81 255 6792 Email: or Facebook: Languages Courses Namibia – CABIN cc
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